WatiN Test Recorder

WatiN Test Recorder 2.0

It generates codes compatible with the (Web Application Testing In.NET) project
3.0 (See all)

The purpose of the application is to generate code compatible with the WatiN (Web Application Testing In .NET) project.
Main features:
- Generates source code in:
- C#
- PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby support to come later
- User-definable code format templates
- Embedded Internet Explorer browser, but code can be generated for Firefox
- Monitors clicks and keystrokes automatically
- Record multiple tests
- Record time between clicks or typing
- Full Frames/IFrames support
- Supports a majority of methods implemented in WatiN
- Test framework support for:
- NUnit
- MbUnit
- PHPUnit
- Python UnitTest
- VS2005 Test
- ZaneBug
- Code formatted as a model for ease of maintenance
- Recording can in the same window
- Breakpoint, step, and continue support
- Script element editing interface
- Run the same script with different data with the dataset feature
- Compile into executable or class library
- Run console (C#, VB.NET) or generated scripts (PHP, Perl, Python)
- View HTML DOM tree structure, highlighting selected elements
- View WatiN Elements, highlighting selected elements
- Open-source freeware under GPL2, written in C#.NET 2.0

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